FDI in multi-brand retail, dangerous for India (Shekar Swamy, 2011)

Why is FDI in multi-brand retail dangerous for India?

Because it is reenacting colonial loot by inviting colonials to manage the nation’s distribution system.

Why can’t Indian entrepreneurs form a consortium to do what Wal-mart etc. are supposed to do to boost the economy? Why does swarajya bharatam need multi-national companies to manage its fundamental affair of equitable distribution of goods and services while ensuring fair price to the producers?

Think. Oppose UPA’s policy of allowing FDI for multi-brand retail to prevent Colonial Loot Replayed. Remember that the founding fathers of the Indian Republic did not fight and win independence for India from colonial root for making FDI happen.


http://www.docstoc.com/docs/105983629/FDI-in-multi-brand-retail_-dangerous-for-India Embedded powerpoint slides (80)

FDI in multi-brand retail_ dangerous for India


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