Rahul Gandhi behind U-turn on Bill: Anna Hazare

NEW DELHI: Team Anna members on Sunday launched a scathing attack on the government and the Congress Party. Anna himself led the charge,criticizing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

“The Prime Minister holds the high office, but three or four others also think they are PMs. He is not able to take decisions and no one listens to him,” Anna told supporters during his one-day fastfor a strong Lokpal.

The 74-year-old also targeted Rahul Gandhi, saying he could be the reason for the government’s sudden U-turn on exclusion of Grade C employees from Lokpal’s ambit. “The PM gave us in writing that he supported our demand for inclusion of lower bureaucracy and Lokayukta in all states in August and Parliament backed it though a ‘sense of the House’. Then who can overrule his decision? It isRahul Gandhi,” he said.

“I don’t have any fight with Rahul Gandhi. He is a young man. Hedreams of becoming the PM. But spending a day in a hut is not enough. He has to spend months doing it to feel the public pulse,” said Hazare. He also attacked home minister P Chidambaram, saying the minister had got him arrested during his hunger strike in August and ordered the police crackdown on Ramdev on June 5.

Arvind Kejriwal accused Congress of misusing CBI to remain in power. “In August 2003, CBI filed a case against Mayawati and in 2005, she was questioned. But in 2007, UP Governor T V Rajeshwar Rao, who was perceived to be a Congress supporter, refused permission for filing an FIR. In return, Mayawati supported the Congress and voted in favour of its Presidential candidate Pratibha Patil. In April 2010, CBI told the Supreme Court they are closing the case against her.

Then she supported the UPA during a cut motion. But in September this year, CBI said it was going to chargesheet her as they have evidence against her,” he said. Kejriwal also accused the BJP of using the CBI against Jayalalithaa with the support of the DMK. Several Team Anna members also questioned the strong political condemnation of agriculture minister Sharad Pawar being slapped by a youth. “When a minister is slapped the whole parliament stands up to mourn and protest. Thousands of people get killed in Maoist attacks and no one even raises the issue. Three ministers beat up youth showing black flags to their leader but no one questions that,” said Sanjay Singh.

Hazare, sitting on the dais, simply nodded his head to the arguments and smiled.




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