Rahul Gandhi doesn’t have calibre to run govt: Subramaniam Swamy


TNN | Jun 2, 2012, 02.43AM IST

YAVATMAL: Despite his passive and spineless role, UPA doesn’t have any alternative toManmohan Singh as prime minister. “If Singh is forced to step down, there is every possibility for Rahul Gandhi to become his successor. But Rahul doesn’t have the intellectual calibre to run a government,” said national president of Janata Party Dr Subramaniam Swamy.

He was addressing a public gathering at Dr CD Datey Memorial lecture series at Abhayankar Girls School on Thursday evening.

Swamy has tried to expose the hidden agenda of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and accused her of pulling the string from behind the curtain and her involvement in all the corruptions that have been exposed in the recent past. She has one lakh 76 thousand crore amount in her bank accounts, he said and wanted to know where from she got this much huge amount.

India has signed a contract to buy planes from France even though there is no country to buy it. The main reason is that wife of the former president of France and Sonia hail from Itally and the deal is for reaching undue advantage to the French Company, he said.

Explaining his stand on 2G scam and the case pending before the court, Swamy said that he sought permission from the Prime Minister to sue his cabinet ministers A Raja and P Chidambaram. “But even after writing five letters, the PM did not pay any attention to it and he ignored my request at the behest of Sonia Gandhi. I then approached the Supreme Court for a direction which forced PM to grant me the permission. Ironically, the government-controlled CBI sheltered Chidambaram. But very soon, the court will direct the CBI to make Chidambaram as the co-accused in the 2G case,” he said, adding, “Even the PM would be brought to the witness box as a key witness in the case. By December 2012, Chidambaram would also be sent behind the bars.”

While touching the anti-corruption movement of Anna Hazare and his team, Swamy said, ‘I differ with Anna Hazare in one issue – he believes that corruption can be curbed only if there is a Jan Lokpal which is not correct. The law of the land is fully capable of curbing the corruption through the intervention of the judiciary process and even a lay man can seek justice from the court of law and get the guilty punished through the court.”

“Sonia Gandhi might have become the prime minister if Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was not in the august office of the President of India,” he said and pleaded for the renomination of Kalam as the President.

Sonia is the most corrupt person in the country and she has covert connection with CIA, ISI andLTTE, Swamy alleged and cast aspersion over her role in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. He also posed a question if an Indian widow would send her daughter to the assassins of her deceased husband. (Sonia sent Priyanka to the convicted assassins of Rajiv Gandhi and pardoned them)

The so-called economic reforms made by the UPA Government have eroded our long cherished moral values and the chase for physical development would destabilize the country, he said and added that the corruption and hoarding of black money are the outcome of this make belief economic reforms.

“The westerners are promoting Sanskrit and Yoga to attain development and mental peace. But we Indians turn a blind eye to it. A dynamic India is possible only if we go for the ideology of a strong Hindutva commitment,” he said.

He did not spare the MNS chief Raj Thakeray and said that the DNA of Raj and a taxi man from UP or Bihar is the same as the fake label of ‘Ariyan’ or ‘Dravidian’ is nothing but foolishness and hypocrisy.

The sitting MP Bhavana Gawali, sitting MLA Sanjay Rathod, Shankarlal Kothari, officials of the library and urban bank were prominently present on the dais.


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