Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a David taking on a Goliath of Islam

The barbaric practices of Islam

  • Published on Thursday, 27 January 2011 05:23
Written by John Draper
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Ayaan Hirsi Ali is working to stop the worst Islamic practices from being allowed in the U.S.  So her foundation (AHA) recently released a paper that describes these practices, talks about how European countries are coping and recommends what should be done in the U.S. (European Best Practices).  The paper includes short summaries of these Islamic practices and I thought it would be worthwhile to extract those parts.  It’s easier to remember what is wrong with a religion if it is spelled out in clear language with as few words as possible.  More is not always better.

The following is extracted from her paper.

Ayaan Hirsi AliSharia Law
Under Sharia law’s civil code, a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man’s; a woman’s marriage contract is between her male guardian and her husband and a Muslim woman is not permitted to marry a non-Muslim.

A man can have four wives and divorce his wife by simple repudiation, whereas a woman must give justifications for requesting a divorce, some of which are extremely difficult to prove. Child custody reverts to the father at a preset age, even if the father is abusive; women who remarry lose custody of their children even if the child has not reached the preset age; and sons are entitled to inherit twice the share of daughters!

Sharia law’s penal code is incompatible with modern Western individual rights. Sharia law permits the stoning of women to death for sex outside of marriage. Failure to veil can result in fines and imprisonment, or honor violence.  Homosexuality and apostasy are also death penalty crimes. Polygamy is permissible.  (See also this report from the Maryam Namazie in the U.K.)

Female Genital Mutilation
Overview: Female genital mutilation, known as FGM, is the cutting of the genitals of little girls between the ages of 4 and 14 and even baby girls, as in a case in Georgia this year [2010] where a nine-month old was mutilated.

Forced Marriages
Overview: Forced marriages are sometimes described as an “arranged marriage,” but the difference is dependent on how much pressure is put on the girl to accept the arrangement. Resistance to this sort of marriage very often leads to severe beatings and the punishment can go as far as to lead to an “honor” killing.

Honor Violence and Killings
Overview: Honor violence includes the beating of a girl or a woman for refusing to comply with the family code of honor by engaging in behavior deemed by the family to be shameful such as ignoring the rules of house arrest; resisting a forced marriage; seeking a divorce; dating; dressing in western attire; wearing make-up; or simply taking non-Muslims as friends. The beatings are intended to be corrective. If the girl complies, normally punishment ceases. If not, honor violence sometimes ends in murder – such as the 2009 murder of twenty-year old Iraqi-American Noor Almaleki in Arizona, or the 2008 honor killings of Sarah and Aminah Said in Lewisville, TX – carried out with the knowledge and help of a number of family members and other relatives. When the corrective beatings fail to dissuade a girl/woman from complying with the wishes of her family or giving up the behavior they consider shameful, the family may conclude that the only way they can regain the ‘honor’ lost through the girl’s ‘shameful’ behavior is to kill her.

These behaviours are already visible in Canada so Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s recommendations apply here too.  Basically she says:

  1. Do not allow separate Sharia courts.
  2. Make female genital mutilation illegal not only at home, but also make it illegal to travel to other countries for that purpose (the U.K. has such a  law).
  3. Courts should be given the power to protect girls objecting to a marriage whether inside US/Canada or outside.
  4. Identify honour violence as such and not just classified as domestic violence.  Then seek partnerships with truly moderate Muslim leaders instead of the easy choice of radical leaders.

See her full report here. European Best Practices.  Her photo above right.  AHA Foundation.

It has to be understood that the majority of Muslims in Canada would agree with these recommendations – just like the majority of Christians would agree that the Inquisition was evil.



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