Sleuths track ‘J…Ali’ lead in Sen case. Jebel Ali, free zone, 35 km from Dubai, tax haven for illicit wealth.

Jafza is Economic Zones World’s flagship operation. One of the world’s largest and the fastest growing free zones. Established in 1985, Jafza today is spread over an area of 48 sq. kms and is home to over 6400 companies, including over 120 of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises, from across the world. It is a leading driver of the burgeoning UAE economy. With its impeccable track record, Jafza stands for innovation, customer centricity, transparent operations and entrepreneurial dynamism.
As the leading business hub of the Middle East, we focus on long-term customer relationships and foster alliances with global investors by providing them with world class infrastructure supported with value-added services and incentives. We also offer the benefit of huge business opportunities from a potential market of over two billion people in the greater Middle East region.Our products include office units, warehouses, light industrial units and land on long term lease. These land sites are suitable for a variety of purpose-built facilities. Other value added products include business centers, hotels for visitors and customized Build-to-Suit options.
A business climate where your ambitions have opportunities to grow to any length. A vibrant networking atmosphere where new relationships and opportunities present themselves with refreshing regularity. It’s in these surroundings of entrepreneurship and historical richness that we welcome you.
As one of the fastest growing free zones in the world, over the last four years, we have:
Grown its customer base by over 60%
Increased its revenue at an average of 34% year-on-year
Contributed to Dubai’s GDP at 25% on a year-to-year basis
Sustained more than 160,000 jobs in the UAE through its companies
Accounted for more than 50% of Dubai’s total exports. It also accounts for 25% of all container throughputs through the Jebel Ali Port and 12% of all air freight at Dubai International Airport.
Accounted for 20% of all FDI inflow into the UAE.
Sleuths track ‘J… Ali’ lead in Sen case

Calcutta, April 28: Officers questioning Saradha chief Sudipta Sen have apparently come across a phrase that sounded something like “J… Ali”.

Further interrogation has made the investigators wonder if Sen had invested some of the money — the whereabouts of which have emerged as the biggest mystery in the scandal — in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai.

Jebel Ali, the business hub 35km from Dubai, offers a slew of tax benefits to investors for up to 15 years and has emerged as one of the biggest magnets for Indian business over the past few years.

The Saradha owner himself has denied having any overseas links. “I haven’t even been to Bangladesh,” a police officer quoted Sen as saying, though his dash after April 10 as a fugitive is said to have taken him to Nepal.

But physical presence is not always needed to make investments abroad. Jebel Ali is one of the world’s fastest-growing free zones, some of which do not look too closely at the source of the funds or ask uncomfortable questions.

The officers — some of whom were not initially sure if “J…. Ali” stood for a person or a place — feel after two days of questioning and inquiries that the Dubai free zone lead should be investigated.

Investigations are still at a nascent stage and such leads need not always yield a breakthrough. But the account by the officers provides an insight into how the investigation is proceeding and how it can enter territory not familiar to police.

These officers believe that at least one investment, “possibly in a property”, was made sometime in late 2011 when Saradha Realty had hit pay dirt in Bengal and was scooping up deposits at its 294 branches.

The Jebel Ali Free Zone, abbreviated as Jafza, offers several advantages: no taxation on profits or income and no foreign exchange controls or restrictions on capital movement.

Located to the south-west of Dubai, it is spread over an area of 48sqkm and houses over 6,000 companies, including over 120 of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises. It has one of the world’s busiest ports in the world’s largest man-made harbour.

“It is difficult to ascertain how Sen’s investment was exactly channelled because the transaction details of the company from its 200-plus bank accounts are yet to reach us,” said an officer. “But not all deposits were made in banks, and we are not ruling out other means of transferring money.”

“We suspect Sen had made several overseas investments. We are trying to verify our findings to understand how he utilised the funds that his agents generated from nearly 300 offices over the years,” said a senior officer of the detective department of Bidhannagar.

The officers have learnt that Sen had invested in 150 acres while taking several properties on rent for setting up offices.

“He has land in Bishnupur, Jalpaiguri, Kalyani Highway in Barrackpore, Cooch Behar. Outside Bengal, Sen bought tracts in Jharkhand and Odisha’s Balasore,” an officer said.

New weekly direct shipping service linking Kochi, Jebel Ali launched



A weekly direct shipping service connecting Jebel Ali to Kochi has started with the launch of South India Gulf Express (SGE) service from Indian Subcontinent to West Asia.

Giant cargo ship: ‘Sea Bright’ at Vallarpadam . — H. Vibhu

The first vessel — m.v. Sea Bright — of this service has called at Vallarpadam on Monday and has unloaded 124 import containers and loaded 310 export containers.

The service run by Evergreen Shipping Line and Simatech is the latest service to West Asia from South India. The service has a port rotation of Kochi-Colombo-Jebel Ali-Kochi with a transit time of 8 days to and from Jebel Ali and is a weekly service calling Kochi every Monday.

Mr K.K. Krishnadas, Chief Executive Officer, DP World – Kochi, said that the new service is in addition to the two other mainline services calling ICTT Vallarpadam to Europe and China and has the fastest transit time to Jebel Ali from South India. With this service, he said, ICTT has eight direct calls to Jebel Ali every month. The service will be beneficial to shippers from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka hinterlands. At ICTT, the company strive continuously to bring more such services for the benefit of the trade, he added. Meanwhile, sources here pointed out that the services would cater to raw cashew imports.

24.04.2011 Economic Zones World, India Club explore investment and trade opportunities- Jafza, Jebel Ali Free Zone

Senior officials from Economic Zones World were recently invited to address an annual business meeting at the India Club, the oldest Indian business and cultural organization in Dubai, as part of a move to discuss further expansion of commercial ties between Jafza and India and to open up new avenues of co-operation and more investments in several key sectors.
Economic Zones World Chairman, Hisham Al Shirawi accompanied by senior management from EZW including Ibrahim Mohammed Al Janahi, Deputy CEO Jafza and Chief Commercial Officer met with top Indian businessmen who are part of the Board of Trustees and Board of Directors of the India Club.

India is Dubai’s largest trading partner. According to Dubai World’s Statistics Department, the non-oil trade between Dubai and India in 2010 reached a record AED183 billion, twice the figures achieved in 2009. Imports from the country were valued at AED 88 billion, 16% of Dubai’s total imports, while exports and re-exports stood at AED43 billion and AED52 billion respectively. Non-oil trade between Jafza and India was valued at AED12.77 billion in 2010, registering a jump of 25% compared to 2009 figures.
Economic Zones World is home to 693 Indian companies with 679 companies based in Jafza while the rest are in Ducamz and Textile City. Last year, there were 65,303 Indians working in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Commenting on the ever-increasing commercial ties between Dubai and India, Hisham Al Shirawi stated that the Indian business community in Dubai has been an important contributor of the domestic economy and played a vital role in the process of nation-building for decades. He was invited to the annual Member Networking Centre Lunch as Chief Guest Speaker where he talked to a group of 200 businessmen and community leaders.

Al Shirawi said: “As the region’s pioneering free zone, Jafza has consistently led the national drive to attract foreign investments. Dubai and Jafza’s business-friendly policies and its highly developed and sophisticated infrastructure and logistics framework have attracted Indian companies since the free zone’s inception, 26 years ago. Our meeting with this established Indian organization is yet another step towards strengthening the existing relations with the country. EZW and India Club’s joint efforts will strengthen trade relations, facilitating, and opening channels for other Indian companies looking to do business in the region. We are exploring options, best approaches and practices to stimulate investment.
The India Club Board of Trustees includes 20 major companies such as Air India, Jumbo Electronics, K M Brothers, and Regal Traders among others. India Club has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 accreditation Lloyds’ Register Quality Assurance and is also a member of the Dubai Quality Group.


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