Let’s talk about India admitted as permanent member of the UN Security Council

1. Let’s talk about India Modi persuading foreign countries and they in turn promising support to be permanent member of UNSC

2. China became the member of the UNSC because the whole of East Asia was its client state and it had nukes & ICBM.

3. The UNSC membership was given to china on condition it wont invade Taiwan.

4. India dont have a client state and it foreign exchanage reserves comes largely from export of labor who make endless remittances.

5. Pakistan wont be happy if India is in UNSC and agreeing not to free the burden of Pak & BD wont be in our interest.

6. Pakistan ia a demon created by the superpowers to drown India into the fire of terror.

7. We have to confront the superpowers to destroy Pakistan.

8. With no client state to flaunt but with every border state being inimical we have no chips to bet.

9. India will never be allowed to become a strong economy as the superpowers dont need one more to contend with.

10. We will continue to be exporters of labour who may disappear into the foreign countries!

11. So India getting membership in UNSC is a myth. Dont get carried away by such talks!


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